Anonymous murmurou:
I'm new to the tumblr RPG what is it exactly? Can you explain?

Of course! Welcome to the world of Tumblr RPGs.

So, in this particular rpg, we have a home site and we do all of our rps and SLs [Storylines] on twitter. Our tumblrs are just to show which characters are open, closed, and created. 


There are other rps on tumblr and each work a little differently but I can explain the basics here. What happens is you create a new tumblr account for your character, you upload your FC’s pic and decorate it to your character’s liking. You can either make a character of your own [if the particular rp allows you to] or go with one of the rp’s already pre-made character. 

After you make your account for your character you can start posting.

Their are three types of post.

First, there are your miscellaneous posts. You can reblog random pictures pertaining to your character’s likes or you can reblog pictures of your character’s FC. It depends on the RP how often you can reblog or if you can reblog at all.

Second, are your starter posts. You create a text post, label it whatever and designate who it is for and then you write what your character is doing. 

For example:

Early Mornings [Open]

He blahed and blah. Blah, blah, blah. Scribble Scribble Scribble. This can be whatever length you want it to be. 


After you create the post, people can reblog it and respond to it. If it’s an ‘Open’ starter post, then anyone can respond, if it’s ‘Closed’ it’s just something you’ve written for the character and no one can respond. If you designate the post to someone, make sure they know about it and they agree to rp with you. 

The third type of post is a conversation post. This can be designated or open. Conversation are not closed. They can’t be. This post lets your character interact with other rp-ers of your particular rp. Gifs are most commonly used in these posts to express movement and or facial expressions with your conversation.

So for example:

 Good Morning

Anyone willing to make me breakfast? [Or some other line and or inquiry. It really doesn’t matter as long as its open for people to respond to.]


That’s the basic outline of a Tumblr rp. If you have any other questions don’t be frightened to ask. :] Glad to be of service and I apologize for getting to this late. Don’t forget that you need to audition and adhere to the rules of each rp. If you wish to apply for a character on here, please apply at our main site! :]

Yours Truly,

-Heather {Quil Admin}

Name: Sturgis Podmore

FC: Michael Trevino

Character: Open

Name: Malfalda Hoprick

FC: Emma Roberts

Character: Open

Name: Dorcas Meadows

FC: Anna Popplewell

Character: Open

Name: Alexis Minstrel

FC: Amanda Crew

Character: Open

Name: Brodrick Bode

FC: Charlie Tahan

Character: Open

Name: Gladys Gudgeon

FC: Malese Jow

Character: Open

Name: Glenda Chittock

FC: Autumn Reeser

Character: Open

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